N​.​O​.​T on tour EP

by Not On Tour

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ManAgainstMankind thumbnail
ManAgainstMankind I didn't get enough. I want more Not On Tour! Favorite track: Journey To The Ocean.
UNSTABLE (MUSIC) thumbnail
UNSTABLE (MUSIC) Quick songs that get you pumped and ready to take on the day. Play it loud! Favorite track: 90% Out.
Mathias Lyhne
Mathias Lyhne thumbnail
Mathias Lyhne Really crazy energy and the pace is so fast!!! You maybe hear one riff for a couple of seconds and the on to a totally different feel, awesome song structures :D And of course sick female vocals! Favorite track: Did You Get Enough.
Punkrox thumbnail
Punkrox Strong, speedy melodies, beautiful voice... very very nice album! "Just forget it" is the best song in my opinion. On youtube there is an acoustic version of it - I can't decide which one I like more because both are so good... Favorite track: Just Forget It.
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released August 2, 2011


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Not On Tour Israel

Hey we're Not On Tour from the Tel Aviv!


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Track Name: Did You Get Enough
too many mistakes until you become obvious
climbing walls when you know its impossible
so why sit down?
when you predict your falls anyway?
you’re running away from loving yourself
you never gave up

did you get enough of your destruction
You’re aiming for a downfall
did you get enough
you’re aiming too low

you write down everything you learn to believe
erase the unnecessary
now you land feet first
you’re not running away
you learn to control
you never gave up

did you...
Track Name: Journey To The Ocean
dangerous woods and cliffs
looking over his shoulder
walking faster exhausted eyes
eyes facing the ground
watching his steps
as he falls first his hat then glasses fall off
then his left arm touches the surface
a cracking sound coming from his knee
and last his feet touch the asphalt deep cuts in the shape of a knife

oh he had seen the ocean he’d seen it all
journey to ocean he conquers the sea
Track Name: Just Forget It
time to put you in your place
I've had enough of your sorry mistakes
i don't fucking believe you let me down
I'm disappointed led me astray into to the wrong way down the road

just forget it
were not gonna start this fight

always easy to assume they're right
they're talking big words and it seems like you like it
never fucking believe you’d fall for this
its all figured out you sold me out to be the clone

just forget it
please don't deceive me
don't appreciate the little lies
Track Name: Dirty Envelopes
I wont participate in your decapitation
I wont pretend just to say that I’m okay, I’m okay
its not okay
its hypocrisy, you take it to yourself all to yourself
dirty dirty envelopes

I wont believe in your fucking declarations, its not enough
I wont be part of this hospital we call democracy
I'm not into that
its not OK
its hypocrisy, you take it to yourself, all to yourself

dirty. dirty envelopes
Track Name: Puke
wanna puke wanna puke on you
wanna puke on people just like you

wanna puke the silence and the words that i chewed
I'm gonna spit them all on you
wanna puke I'm ready tell me who
wanna puke i wanna puke on you
wanna puke the silence and the words that i chewed
I'm gonna spit them all on you
vomit wanna vomit
Track Name: 90% Out
don't wanna live like this anymore
get pissed off like a maniac
i should roll the dice with the big guys upstairs
get all the privileges
with three safe nets
going out my room
looking like an idiot
trying to rob the world
everything that comes with that
everything that comes with you
cant take, cant take this
this populated room

I've seen everything and i really want none
so hard just to have fun
i don't think I'm ever gonna change

cant take, cant take this
this populated room
Track Name: Tv
my mom likes to talk to the TV
she does it cause she believes in what she sees on the screen
every time she calls a name i think she's calling me
but no!
she's talking to the TV
TV oh now i see
nothing has to do with you and reality
TV whats wrong with you TV
Track Name: Fine
You’re the only one who made me smile today
i know its kind of worrying but i hope you’ll stay
i hope you stay around
cant control my feelings
cant control my weight
do feel kind of scared
but I’m sure it’ll fade
i hope it’ll fade away

every time i see your face i walk into that sunny house
not aroused by something else cause
everything is just fine

we both know this one has an ending
and I'm not sure how its gonna end
and i really don't care about that
cuz now you’re here with me

every time..

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